Friday, July 12, 2024
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East Coast newspaper profiles Rick Steves


The Washington Post posted a story on Edmonds' own Rick Steves Monday morning. And according to Amy Duncan at Rick Steves' Europe, it's been the most popular article all day.

There's plenty about Edmonds in the article and even a quote from local foodie Nancy Leson.

According to the Post: "When he’s not traveling around Europe, writing about Europe or running his multimillion-dollar European tour company, Rick Steves, the prolific TV host and author, is home in Edmonds, Washington.

"The average @ricksteveseurope fan has likely missed this side of him. On TV they see an always-sunny history lover who makes going abroad feel approachable for the average American. That’s an incomplete picture."

The story mentions Steves' involvement in the new Lynnwood Community Center, which you can read more about in the Beacon.

Watch an Instagram video.

By the way, subscribers who want to read all about the Beacon's reporting on Steves can follow his hometown newspaper.  :)

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